Ancient charm. Doll "Lubusha"

It is hand-made by a People’s Craftsman of Russia, in a unique copy. It has a collectors’ certificate with a picture of the item, stamped with an official seal and signed by the general director of the manufacturing company.

Such charms had been created on the territory of today’s Central Russia even before ancient Russia was christened in 988. In spite of its gradual fading away this kind of folk craft was being passed from generation to generation and survived till nowadays. We definitely can name the charm-girl an ancient artifact, depicting everyday life and culture of dozens of the peoples who lived on the territory of today’s Central Russia and who have disappeared and are disappearing,

Practically the charm-doll “Krupenichka /grain-girl” fulfilled several functions:

1)      It secured its owner from an evil eye – evil thoughts and energies of other people. As it was believed in ancient times, evil could not settle in objects without individualization and harm the owner of the object. In our case the charm-doll “without a face” has no individualization.

2)      It was a totem of a tribe or a folk, bearing deep sacral implications it its appearance – color, fashion, patterns and symbols of its clothes, which added to the level of protection from evil spirits and thoughts of evil people.

3)      In a hut it was placed in a conspicuous place, so called “icon corner”, and was a kind of shield for a family driving away evil spirits and thoughts of evil people. It was filled with choice grain and was a food reserve for times of hunger. The more such dolls were on the shelves, the securer the family felt from the point of view of food and spirit. If there were children in the family such dolls were usually placed into the baby’s cradle. If there was a fire, a flood, an enemy’s invasion – children were the first to be carried out of the house. That’s why the charm-doll hidden in the cradle with the baby was a food reserve for the family in the time right after the disaster until neighbors or relatives helped.

In our company charm-dolls are created by People’s Craftsmen of Russia. In our region there only 4 such craftsmen and they all work for us. The title of the People’s Craftsman of Russia is awarded to the masters of traditional folk arts and crafts. This title indicates the creative character of the Craftsman’s work in the sphere of folk applied arts and crafts and his/her significance in the development of artistic-material culture. The criterion of awarding the title “People’s Craftsman of Russia” implies together with the traditional character of their works their individual author’s approach and high artistic quality.

Description of the product: exclusive item in a unique copy with a collector’s certificate.

Height: 6 inches (14-15 cm).

Weight: 1.1 pound (500 grams).

Materials: flux, cotton, grain.

Technique:  handicraft of a People’s Craftsman of Russia.

Set (package) of the item: item, Certificate in English, supporting documents, branded boxing.

Made in Russia.


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