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Our company, the LLC “Oryol factory of folk crafts” manufactures and sells exclusive, collection-style, hand-made items. At present 4 People’s Craftsmen of Russia work for us. Their skills and knowledge make it possible for our team to produce unique articles of Russian folk culture for our customers.  Welcome!
LLC “Oryol factory of folk crafts”
Phone: +7 903 8828083
INN: 5753051395
OGRN: 1095753003411
OKPO: 89744302
OKATO: 54401369000
Address: Russia, 302006, Orel, Gruzovaya street, 108

You can find all of your receipts in your account by following these steps: 

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2.     Scroll to “Order” to view all of your receipts

3.     Choose the transaction in question and print it from your computer

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